The Pinotage Grape - The uniquely South African varietal that keeps on giving!

The origin & story of Pinotage is uniquely South African! In many ways the development of Pinotage in 1925 by Professor of Viticulture at Stellenbosch University Abraham Izak Perold, arose from a simple error. Designed with the intent of being a cross-bred varietal (not a hybrid) from Pinot Noir & Hermitage (Shiraz), to capture the finest qualities of both varietals; Pinotage was developed by accident as a cross between Pinot Noir & the lesser known Cinsault grape, which at

Constantia - The 17th century home of winemaking in South Africa

350 years after the Dutch settled in South Africa & began winemaking in Constantia, in the highlands of Cape Town; the Cape Winelands has steadily expanded to over 60 unique wine regions, spanning hundreds of kilometres. South Africa now produce some of the worlds' finest wines & combines Dutch inspired architecture, spectacular scenery & outstanding dining experiences to create one of the world's top 10 wine & food capitals. Luxury Wine Trails - the travel experience company